For the past year we were appreciative to receive from you some great ideas that inspired us to move towards new developments. We would like to thank you for that and present our new service that is called ZeroBalance.

If your client has run out of funds, ZeroBalance will allow him to request a callback from any another user by simply making an outbound call.

Even with 0 balance user A can dial user B, who will receive an inbound call and will be able to call back. User A should be in the country with free incoming calls, otherwise he should have some balance for at least 1 minute of incoming call.

Please also note that ZeroBalance is not available in countries with extra rates.

This service will be automatically activated starting from 21 March 2016 on all TravelSim Classic and TravelSim New cards. There is no need to install or dial anything additionally. It is absolutely free of charge for you and your clients.